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Crown Removers

Safe-Relax Replacement Hook Tip For Bridges

Price: $24.70 Each

Safe Relax Automatic Crown And Bridge Remover

  • High Frequency Micro Strokes Provide Up To 20 Movements Per Second
  • 5 Intensity Settings For The Comfort Of Controlled Intensity
  • Ergonomic Design For Controlled Grip
  • Fits All Electric And Air Driven E-Type Motors
  • 1 Year Warranty
Price: $685.00 Kit

Carbide Tipped Locking Crown Gripper

$198.50 Each
2 or More $190.70 Each

Rubber Tipped Crown Plier

$267.50 Each
2 or More $254.40 Each

Replacement Crown Plier Tips - Set Of 2

$26.50 Set of 2
2 or More $24.80 Set of 2

Crown Spreading Plier

  • 14.5cm
  • Cut A Slit, Then Squeeze To Spread & Remove the Crown
Price: $293.50 Each

Pneumatic Crown Remover-4 Hole

  • Atraumatic: Insignificant Recoil - Total Comfort
  • Finger Tip Control - One Push - One Impact And No Springs To Reset
  • Fully Adjustable Speed Force
  • Predictable And Economical - Restorations Removed Intact And Reusable Without Cutting Or Drilling
  • Less Chance Of Tooth Fracture Than Traditional C&B Removers
  • Significantly Reduced Chair Time - Can Be Used Without Assistant
  • Threads Onto A Standard Air Handpiece Coupling
  • One Year Warranty
    Complete Kit Includes:
    Three Tips & Wrench
    Flexi-Wire Set For Bridges
    Instructional Video
    Pressure Gauge
    Storage Case
Price: $740.00 Kit

Crown Splitter-Offset

  • Slit The Crown With A Diamond
  • Instrument Easily Pries Crown Apart
Price: $123.50 Each

Crown Splitter-Straight

Price: $102.60 Each

Carbide Tipped Crown Gripper

$198.50 Each
2 or More $190.70 Each