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0.5cc SalvinOss Cancellous Xenograft Material

0.5cc SalvinOss Cancellous Xenograft Material
0.25 - 1.00mm Microporous Granules Facilitate Osteoconduction And New Bone Formation
  • Space Maintaining Material Supports New Bone Regeneration And Healing
  • SalvinOss Particles Become An Integral Part Of Newly Formed Bone Framework
  • Organic Components Removed While Maintaining Characteristics Of Native Bone
  • Can Be Mixed With Sterile Saline Or The Patients Blood
  • Indicated For Socket Preservation And Filling Of Intrabony Defects
  • Indicated For Elevation Of The Maxillary Sinus Floor
  • Indicated For Filling Of Periodontal And Peri-Implant Defects
  • Indicated For Augmentation Of The Alveolar Ridge
7 $72.60 Each
14 $64.50

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