“I consider Salvin Dental to be a premium company in providing implant accessory supplies. The Salvin Catalog is not only a resource for my practice, but also for the doctors who attend our courses.”
Dr. Gordon Christensen, Prosthodontist, Provo, UT
“Salvin Dental is an important resource for our practice and for our course participants. They are great people to work with and won't let you make a mistake.”
Dr. Mike Pikos, Oral Surgeon, Palm Harbor, FL
“I always enjoy dealing with Salvin Dental. They provide high quality products - equal to or better than any other company's, with excellent follow-up service. There's no other word to describe it.”
Dr. Don Callan, Periodontist, Little Rock, AR
“Salvin Dental has a thorough product selection and provides great personalized customer service. I keep going back to Salvin for whatever I need for my implant practice and I highly recommend them to my colleagues.”
Dr. Craig M. Misch, Oral Surgeon/Prosthodontist, Sarasota, FL
“Finding all of the special supplies to support my implant practice can be challenging. I always call Salvin Dental first. The broad line of products coupled with outstanding personal service makes doing business with Salvin Dental a pleasurable experience.”
Dr. Ken Hebel, Prosthodontist, London, ON Canada
“Salvin Dental has all of those things you need for a day-to-day implant practice as well as all of those special things you need from time to time. And always available for you by tomorrow when you need them in a hurry.”
Dr. Burt Melton, Prosthodontist, Albuquerque, NM
“The Salvin catalog is perhaps the most valuable tool in implant dentistry. Their unique products and excellent service are a tremendous resource for my private practice and for our students at the school.”
Dr. Jack Krauser, Periodontist, Boca Raton, FL
“Salvin Dental is a great resource for my practice and especially for the doctors who take my courses. Salvin has what you need whether you're getting started or doing advanced procedures.”
Dr. John Russo, Periodontist, Sarasota, FL
“Every time you call Salvin Dental you get a knowledgeable person who really wants to help your implant practice succeed. They have all the right products and great service - you're guaranteed to be satisfied.”
Dr. Edward Mills, General Dentist, Atlanta, GA
“Salvin Dental has a proven history of delivering what they promise. They have all of the ingredients necessary for a strong successful working relationship: Reliability, Knowledge and Integrity. You can't beat that combination!”
Dr. Michael Cohen, Periodontist, Seattle, WA
“Salvin Dental has supported the Midwest Institute externs, staff and faculty for over twenty years. They are a dependable resource who consistently deliver what's best for their customers”
Dr. Duke Heller, Endodontist, Westerville, OH
“It's attitude that sets Salvin apart. You never get the feeling that they're only trying to make a sale. Every conversation seems to be about making a customer for life. That's the way we run our practice, so we know it when we see it.”
Dr. Joel Rosenlicht, Oral Surgeon, Manchester, CT
“I've known Bob Salvin for over 20 years and he is a true gentleman. He has built his business on quality, reliability, service and friendship.”
Dr. Hilt Tatum, General Dentist, St Etienne Du Vauvray, France
“Salvin Dental is an excellent source for the unique products required for a surgical implant practice. It is with confidence that I conduct business with Salvin and their knowledgeable staff.”
Dr. Charles A. Babbush, Oral Surgeon, Cleveland, OH
“I have utilized Salvin Dental products for many years. This company has found a niche for supplying products unique and specialized to my implant surgery needs. Besides, Bob Salvin is a really nice guy.”
Dr. Jack Zosky, Oral Surgeon, Toronto, ON Canada
“Salvin combines the advantages of a big company with the closeness of a small company: great support, personalized service, specialized products & easy to work with from Canada.”
Dr. Yvan Poitras, General Dentist, Montmagny, Quebec Canada
“We have been doing business with Salvin Dental for many years and continue to be impressed with their high quality, complemented by their excellent customer service.”
Dr. Steven Guttenberg, Oral Surgeon, Washington, DC
“Salvin Dental is always my first call. Even if they don't have what I need, they'll find it for me. You can't ask for better service than that!”
Dr. Daulton Keith, Periodontist, Charleston, SC
“In my estimation, Salvin Dental provides the most broad based inventory for implant surgical treatment. Salvin's staff is friendly and always accommodating, and their products are always in stock, available overnight if necessary.”
Dr. Mark Zablotsky, Periodontist, Sacramento, CA
“These guys are more than just suppliers to my practice. Salvin Dental's team are proven consultants who help us every time we call. These professionals really know implant dentistry.”
Dr. George Duello, Periodontist, Saint Louis, MO
“I've been doing business with Salvin ever since I've placed implants. Their excellent service and product line complements any implant practice. I never have any hesitation whatsoever referring colleagues to Salvin for any of their surgical needs.”
Dr. Bill Locante, General Dentist, Brentwood, TN
“Implant dentistry requires skill, knowledge, and the proper instruments. As implant dentistry has evolved, so has Salvin Dental as a valuable resource to my practice. They are always well informed, and provide a personal touch that is very much appreciated by me and my staff.”
Dr. Scott Ganz, Prosthodontist, Fort Lee, NJ
“When Salvin says they have everything for the implant practice but the implants, they mean it! Salvin is our prime resource for expertise and incredible service. They are a doctor's true friend in our industry.”
Dr. Lee Silverstein, Periodontist, Atlanta, GA
“The team at Salvin Dental is always looking out for my best interest. Relationships like that are hard to find and impossible to replace.”
Dr. Alvaro Ordonez, General Dentist, Coral Gables, FL
“I can't think of a single source that offers a more comprehensive quality line of products to support my implant practice than Salvin Dental. They always have what I need.”
Dr. David Lee Hill, Oral Surgeon, Chapel Hill, NC
“I confidently recommend Salvin Dental to our Midwest Institute students. Their knowledge and helpfulness make them a pleasure to do business with.”
Dr. Robert Heller, Prosthodontist, Lewis Center, OH
“Loyalty, integrity, and excellence are what Salvin Dental embodies. Their commitment to impeccable service and outstanding quality is why they are a leader in the dental implant community.”
Dr. Jennifer Doobrow, Periodontist, Birmingham, AL
“Salvin has provided us top-notch service and products! We appreciate the ease of working with a company that understands customer service and appreciates our needs.”
Dr. Michael Edwards, Periodontist, Indianapolis, IN
“Working with the Salvin team for the past 30 years, I know that I can count on them for top of the line products and world class service. They are a valuable resource for my practice.”
Dr. Tim Kosinski, General Dentist, Bingham Farms, MI
“Salvin always meets my needs with great products and excellent service, but what I love most is the people. Every Salvin team member is friendly and caring. They are like family.”
Dr. Leslie Paris, Periodontist, Fort Collins, CO
“Salvin has a great team with one thing in mind...To make my practice and me their first priority, every time I call. I know that when I call Salvin, I've called the right place.”
Dr. Richard Rasmussen, Periodontist, Tampa, FL
“Salvin Dental consistently delivers great products and excellent service. They have become an important resource for my practice.”
Dr. Todd Engel, General Dentist, Charlotte, NC
“When it comes to quality products and great customer service, nobody does it better than Salvin!”
Dr. Nick Shumaker, Periodontist, Fort Collins, CO
“Salvin Dental has one of the most professional sales teams in the dental industry. They know that my time is valuable and always deliver more than they promise.”
Dr. Bach Le, Oral Surgeon, Whittier, CA
“The best aspect of Salvin Dental is the personal attention and knowledge that all of the staff members have whenever I call. I am always greeted with a kind, courteous, knowledgeable representative.”
Dr. Peter Nordland, Periodontist, La Jolla, CA
“The entire Salvin team is always willing to go above and beyond. I know I can count on them to get me exactly what I need, when I need it.”
Dr. Randy Resnik, Prosthodontist, Pittsburgh, PA
“Salvin Dental has been an invaluable resource for our clinical, research and teaching endeavors. They can always be counted on for high quality products and great service for our institute.”
Dr. Tom Balshi, Prosthodontist, Fort Washington, PA
“Bob, William, Greg and the Salvin team epitomize customer service through customer indulgence. It is a pleasure having them as active members of my dental supply team. It is a joy doing business with them.”
Dr. Colin Richman, Periodontist, Rowell, GA
“Integrity, teamwork and service are what Salvin Dental is about. Though they are half a world away, they always come through. Great friends who provide a masterful implant product line- A hallmark in the industry.”
Dr. John Giblin, Dental Surgeon, Sydney Australia
“Great products, great service, and great people! Their professionalism is what sets Salvin apart. They deliver every time!”
Dr. Avi Schetritt, Periodontist, Miami, FL
“The Salvin Catalog always has the latest cutting edge products in implant dentistry, and I know that Salvin will always recommend what is best for my practice.”
Dr. Jin Kim, Periodontist, Diamond Bar, CA
“It's important to stay abreast of the latest products and trends in implant dentistry. The Salvin catalog is a quick way to get the newest and best ideas from around the world.”
Dr. Sascha Jovanovich, Periodontist/Prosthodontist, Los Angeles, CA
“Every time I place an order with Salvin Dental my expectations for quality and service are exceeded. Their knowledge, resource base and willingness to provide unquestioned assistance make them a pleasure to do business with. I consider them to be an invaluable partner in my practice and certainly an asset to the profession.”
Dr. Dwayne Karateew, Periodontist/Prosthodontist, Chicago, IL
“I rely on the Salvin catalog as a textbook when teaching my course. Everyone at Salvin is totally dedicated to helping my students. There is no other single source for such a comprehensive line of implant products.”
Dr. Tom McGarry, Prosthodontist, Oklahoma City, OK
“Honesty and integrity are values that come to mind when working with Salvin Dental. I know that I'm going to be taken care of every time I call.”
Dr. James Rutkowski, General Dentist, Clarion, PA
“Knowing that I can expect the right products and great service is why I choose to do business with Salvin. Dealing with them is a first-class experience every time I call.”
Dr. James Woodyard, Periodontist, Newburgh, IN
“Working with Salvin is like working with family. You get service, great products and ability to talk directly to staff who are incredibly helpful, knowledgeable and personable. I highly recommend Salvin and their quality products.”
Dr. Robert Levine, Periodontist, Philadelphia, PA
“I have been a customer of Salvin for the past 18 years. The support they offer on every level is unparalleled. Their years of working with the top implant dentists in the world allow them to offer products and services that no one else can offer.”
Dr. Michael Tischler, General Dentist, Woodstock, NY
“Not only does Salvin have a great product line but their support of academics and advancement of dental technology is unparalled.”
Dr. Scott Froum, Periodontist, New York, NY
“Salvin Dental runs a first class operation with excellent customer service and products. We consider Salvin as part of our team with periodontal, implant and related surgical cases.”
Dr. Fred Sakamoto, Periodontist, Blacklick, OH
“Salvin has provided expertise and experience necessary to take my implant practice to the next level. They do everything they can to ensure my success. Salvin helps me equip my offices to offer the highest level of treatment to my patients.”
Dr. Adam Foleck, General Dentist, Norfolk, VA
“Salvin Dental is a great supporter of the implant practice, supplying quality products and helpful service at a reasonable price.”
Dr. Jack Piermatti, Prosthodontist, Voorhees, NJ
“Salvin Dental is a very highly respected company in the dental implant field. They have an outstanding reputation for providing great products and services.”
Dr. Maurice Salama, Periodontist, Atlanta, GA
“There's a rare consistent quality to Salvin products and service that's hard to find anywhere else. I use the Salvin catalog confidently for the implant courses and seminars I teach.”
Dr. Michael Sonick, Periodontist, Fairfield, CT
“Salvin Dental has an excellent product line. Their commitment to quality and service has been a valuable resource for both my practice and my students.”
Dr. Hom-Lay Wang, Periodontist, Ann Arbor, MI
“Salvin has distilled the surgical catalog down to its essence: all the supplies and instruments you need for implant dentistry in one convenient location.”
Dr. David Levitt, General Dentist, Trabuco Canyon, CA
“Delivering excellent quality instrumentation with great service is what you can expect from Salvin Dental. Professional, knowledgeable, and courteous, I consider them an integral part of my dental implant team.”
Dr. Natalie Wong, Prosthodontist, Ontario Canada
“There are three things you have to have in Implant Dentistry: a well trained dentist, a good implant system, and your Salvin catalog. Salvin products and customer support are an irreplaceable part of my implant practice.”
Dr. Russ Baer, General Dentist, Chicago, IL
“Need another arrow in your implant supplies quiver? Look in the Salvin catalog and you will find it. Get what you need along with excellent and professional customer support. I have received this kind of quality service for over 15 years.”
Dr. Stephen Wallace, Periodontist, Waterbury, CT
“Salvin has, in my experience with them over decades, consistently demonstrated a degree of honesty and openness, and a genuine desire to help the clinician, that is unsurpassed in the dental community.”
Dr. Paul Fugazzotto, Periodontist, Milton, MA
“For over twenty-five years, Salvin has been our practice's go-to company for surgical supplies and instruments. Their service, vast inventory, and prices are comparable to none.”
Dr. Eric Hamrick, Periodontist, Greenville, SC
“As an oral surgeon whose practice is limited to implant surgery and bone grafting, Salvin is my number one source for everything I need.”
Dr. Kanyon Keeney, Oral Surgeon, Mechanicsville, VA
“Nobody does it better! Salvin is just what they say they are: 'Everything For Your Implant Practice But The Implants' all wrapped up in the best service in the industry.”
Dr. Nancy Newhouse, Periodontist, Independence, MO
“It is the quality people behind the quality products that sets Salvin Dental apart from the rest. Their knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly staff makes working with them a very pleasant experience.”
Dr. Pat Allen, Periodontist, Dallas, TX
“An indispensable asset for my implant practice and students, Salvin Dental provides a winning combination of high quality products, dependable service and extraordinarily dedicated people.”
Dr. Anthony Sclar, Oral Surgeon, Miami, FL
“The Salvin catalog is a snapshot of the very best products for the up-to-date implant practice. They always have the newest technology, and going the extra mile is the standard procedure at Salvin.”
Dr. Jaime Lozada, Prosthodontist, Loma Linda, CA
“Dealing with Salvin is a first-class experience. They have a reputation for always putting their customers first. They provide great service, value, and expertise to my practice and the students at our course.”
Dr. Rick Ferguson, General Dentist, Pembroke Pines, FL
“There are three things you need in Implant Dentistry: a well trained dentist, a good implant system, and your Salvin catalog. Salvin's products and customer support are an irreplaceable part of my implant practice.”
Dr. Mark Hunt, General Dentist, Chicago, IL
“I turn to Salvin when I need answers to my questions. Their knowledge and helpfulness make them a pleasure to do business with.”
Dr. Steve Wallace, Periodontist, Wilmington, NC
“Knowledge, service, commitment. Salvin consistently provides vast product knowledge, unparalleled service, and commitment to enhancing the clinical experience for both the provider and patient.”
Dr. Joe Cristoforo, Periodontist, Madison, WI
“I have worked with Salvin Dental for many years. Their customer support and innovative product line have helped my implant team to provide my patients the best care possible.”
Dr. Peter Shatz, Periodontist, Atlanta, GA
“In my practice Salvin is part of my team. They have quality instruments and personalized service. This is a company with integrity you can depend on.”
Dr. German Murias, General Dentist, Hialeah, FL
“Every time I call Salvin, I can count on speaking with a knowledgeable person with the answers I need. They know that my time is valuable and always deliver what they promise.”
Dr. Jason Stoner, Periodontist, Dublin, OH
“When you work with Salvin Dental, you do not feel like you are working with a company, you feel like you are working with your family. Their attention to detail and reliability is unmatched in the dental field.”
Dr. Richard Martin, Oral Surgeon, Lewisville, TX
“I love the way Salvin does business. Their willingness to go the extra mile and their commitment to serving makes it a pleasure to deal with them.”
Dr. Michael Pruett, General Dentist, Augusta, GA
“I know that when I call Salvin Dental, I've called the right place. They have a reputation for always doing what it takes to serve their customers.”
Dr. PD Miller, Periodontist, Memphis, TN

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