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Emergency Equipment

LIFE®OxygenPac Emergency Oxygen System

  • CPR Mask Confroms To Adult And Child Face Sizes And Shapes
  • Simple External Two Step Instructions Always In View
  • Use Without Aspirator Tip For Maximum Volume Suction During Emergencies
Price: $452.50 Each

King Airways

  • Easy To Insert And Designed To Minimize Airway Trauma

  • Includes Sizes 3, 4, And 5
$253.50 Set of 3
2 or More $238.50 Set of 3

Nasopharyngeal Airway Kit

  • Soft, Flexible Mediprene Material

  • Includes Sizes 20 Fr, 22 Fr, 24 Fr, 26 Fr, 28 Fr, 30 Fr, 32 Fr, 34 Fr, 36 Fr
$89.90 Set of 9
2 or More $82.10 Set of 9

Zoll AED PLUS Automated External Defibrillator

  • One-Piece Pre-Connected Electrode With CPR Feedback
  • Sensor Tells You If You Are Pressing At The Correct Rate
  • Pictures, Text Displays & Voice Prompts Ensure Proper Sequence
  • Auto Adjusts Shock Based On Detected Body Mass
  • Works With Both Adults & Children
  • Includes Carry Case, Adult Electrodes, Batteries, Prep Kit & Video
  • Biphasic Waveform
  • Memory Allows Download Of Rescue Data With Included Software
  • Automatically Self-Tests Defibrillator, Battery & Pad Daily
  • Uses 5-Year Lithium-123 Duracell Camera Batteries
Price: $1,890.00 Each

Manual Single-Use Resuscitator

  • Adult Face Mask
  • Attached Ventilation Bag
  • Connects To Oxygen Outlet For Nasal Cannula
$41.40 Each
2 or More $37.30 Each

Single-Use Adult Emergency Cricothyrotomy Kit For Airway Obstructions

Kit Contains Pre-Assembled Emergency Cricothyrotomy Unit With 10ml Syringe, Padded Neck Strap & Flexible Connecting Tube
Price: $271.00 Kit

Adult Laryngoscope Handle & Blade

  • Chrome Plated Brass Handle
  • Uses "C" Batteries
  • Includes Bulb
Price: $161.50 Each

Guedel Airways

  • Airway, Bite Block, And Tongue Depressor
  • Coated Plastic Prevents Crimping And Protects Teeth
$12.50 Set of 3
3 or More $10.80 Set of 3

Pocket Mask

One Way Valve And Filter
$26.70 Each
3 or More $24.40 Each

Single Use Laryngeal Mask Airways (LMA)

  • Allows Rapid Airway Access

  • Less Invasive Than An Endotracheal Tube
$63.90 Set of 3
2 or More $58.90 Set of 3

Portable Oxygen System w/Demand Valve

Rent & Refill Oxygen Tank Locally
Price: $980.00 Each

Emergency Oxygen Demand Valve

  • Demand Valve With Hose
  • Adult Facemask
  • DISS & Quick Conn Fittings
Price: $645.00 Each

Single Use Emergency Suction

  • Easy To Pump, Even For Those With Small Hands
  • Use Metal Surgical Aspirator Or Plastic Yankauer Aspirator For Procedure Suction During Power Outages
  • Use Without Aspirator Tip For Maximum Volume Suction During Emergencies
$71.50 Each
2 or More $65.90 Each

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