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Video - Ergonomic Retractors

Balshi Zygomatic Retractor

Price: $164.30 Each

Ergonomic Handle Implant Retractor

Price: $209.70 Each

Small Sinus Graft Cheek Retractor

Price: $252.30 Each

Set Of Two Sinus Graft Cheek Retractors

Price: $457.50 Set of 2

Minnesota Retractor With Ergonomic Handle

2 or More $109.30

Bendable Silicone Handle For Glass Photo Mirrors

Easily Bends And Stays In Place For Your Desired Angle
$66.50 Each
2 or More $62.60 Each

Misch "Spoon" Cheek & Tongue Retractor

Ergonomiaclly Designed To Reduce Hand Fatigue
Price: $137.50 Each

Pikos Retractor

Pikos Ramus Retractor - Designed by Dr. Mike Pikos
Price: $164.30 Each

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